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Thank you for choosing our website to discover a key and inescapable figure of the Congolese public life, whose greatness is forged upon her experience through the turbulence the Democratic Republic of Congo has suffered from the early stage of its independence.
This site is a place for information on the development of Mrs.Marie-Rose, her public and family life as well as her relationships.
The site also is theright place to learn the true story of our country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as that of a man who remains forever, unlessotherwise proven, the Father of the independence of the Congo, His Excellency Joseph Kasavubu.


Having spent much of our time beside her and, after many years of thoughtful, we are able to date, to present Mrs. Kiatazabu, born Marie-Rose Kasavubu Kukana, the eldest daughter of His Excellency Joseph Kasavubu, First President and father of the independence of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
A woman with iron will, Marie-Rose Kasavubu inherited from late President Kasavubu all the attributes that make her a Congolese political woman, second to none as it stands in this country. From her numerous qualities, the integrity (in all senses), the love of her country , the sense of the common good and honour come ahead of countless virtues Marie-Rose possesses. Though the list would not be exhaustive.
Marie-Rose watched the events of January 4, 1959. Events that have made in the history of our country, as they compelled and condemned, less than a year later, the colonisation tale to stop its ineffable way and come to its end.
This Sunday, Jan 4, 1959, Marie-Rose, then a teenager, contemplated the courage and selflessness of a wounded people which, at the cost of supreme sacrifices, faced the fury and terror of Belgian Colons. She discovered the bravery of a group of people determined to fight and who refused to back away from the murderous power, in order to recover the Independence of the entire Nation.
Marie-Rose silently observed the action of her illustrious father, Joseph Kasavubu, who commanded the “Alliance des Bakongo” (ABAKO in short), and led operations with resolution and obstinacy, until the final victory. Upon these fighting, the Democratic Republic of Congo, dear to Joseph Kasavubu, finally became a free, independent and sovereign in June 30, 1960!

The young Marie-Rose was forged by the artifices of these glitches. Her character was born, she was the daughter of her father, who would in turn become the woman of integrity, the fighter of freedom and unconditional lover of the Congo and, for which she is committed to fight over her life. Her fight is to honour the memory of all those who, under her eyes, felled sword in hand, and whose blood quenches ever now the freed soil of our country.
Marie-Rose also battles to bequeath to future generations a truly free and united country, along with worthy and common values that need to be shared by people who are condemned to a common destiny.
The future of Marie-Rose did not fall anywhere else but at the frontline of the political tussle for the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is where she has been since.
Inevitably, the fate of Mrs.Marie-Rose would surprise no supercilious observer, who now happily discovers a woman of State, a politician as there is rarely in our country.

To complete the picture, Marie-Rosehas a family and social life. On the family side, Marie-Rose is a sister and a mother, a happily married woman, addicted to the welfare of each of her childrento whom she was able to pass on her gentleness and kindness, in addition to being a wife fulfilled and cheerful. Marie-Rose in society has a network of countless friends and confidants all together, like no other.
It is a huge chance to have her as a friend, as she is engaging, compassionate and good-natured. Marie-Rose loves passionately, and she knows how to forgive.

Marie-Rose Kasavubu: a well-established politician

As mentioned above, she owes her political credentials to her Father who, from the time he became President of the Republic amid country’s accession to international sovereignty, did not hesitate to rely on her oldest daughter. She assumed, when necessary, the functions of the Executive Secretary with the brand new Congolese Head of State. During his experience beside the President of the Republic, Marie-Rose took part in many official missions.The most telling remains her involvement with the Congolese delegation to the Conference of African Unity at the 4th Summit of Heads of State in Accra, Ghana, in 1965. Mrs.Marie-Rose Kasavubu has sharpened her political argument by attending hearings as provided for by the Head of States, Political Leaders, military and traditional, as well as all kinds of mark guestsof the Presidency of the Republic.
Shelived the 24 November 1965coup. It was she who courageously reported to her parents the news on conspiracy mounted and orchestrated by Mobutu and the Military High Command followed by the announcement through the national radio of the dismissal of the Head of State, her own Father!
On March 24, 1969, fate struck dramatically the Kasavubu family. His Excellency Joseph Kasavubu has left us as he passed away. WithCourage which she was now known, Marie-Rosegot actively involved in the funeral and the burial of her darlingDad, alongsidepolitical authorities and in the absence of the acting President of the Republic, Mobutu Sese Seko who was on a trip to Germany. Thus, Marie-Rose Kasavubu witnessed the burial of the First President of the Democratic Republic in the land of his ancestors in the village of Singini,the Tshela territory in Bas –Congo.

Despite the pain, Marie-Rose has risen her head with stoicism, and opened another page of her journey so as to walk again and again up to the front. Thus:

  • She enters the administration of the territory where she remained from 20 July 1972 to 29 October 1977. During this period, she assumes in turn, the responsibilities of the Mayor of the council of Gombe, Masina and Limete.
  • In 1977 she is elected councilor of Limete County, however, she is compelled to abandon this function as to abide to the rule which prevented public servants from amalgamating two or more public mandates.
  • In 1977 she was elected National Deputy of Kinshasa Funaand President of the Parliamentary Group for the Environment.
  • She is then elected to the Bureau of the National Assembly and carries the functions of the second parliamentary secretary between 1977 and 1982.
  • She attended the public meeting marking the withdrawal of 13 parliamentarians, prelude to the unprecedented appearance of opposition to one-party power of the 2nd Republic of Mobutu.
  • Appointed Member of the Central Committee of the Popular Movement of the Revolution (MPR) in 1980, she served two consecutive terms of five years each, until 1990.
  • Amid a call from the party leader, she is at the scene in N’Sele (suburb of Kinshasa), where Mobutu delivered the famous speech of 24 April 1990, during which he announced the end of the State Party and the advent of multiparty that should lead to the 3rd Republic. It is followed by a long transition!

It is also she who in 1996, on the death of hermother, fully organised the funeral thereof. And hermother,Mrs. Hortense Kasavubu, born Ngoma Masunda, wife of President Joseph Kasavubu, rests eternally in the territory of Kangu Lukula Mayombe in Bas-Congo, land of her ancestors .
In 1998, Marie-Rose Kasavubu has expressed the importance she attaches to the honour and pride of place she reserves for her parents, in posing at the private cemetery of Mbata Pepe, a GRANITE-Made tombstone.
With an innate sense of responsibility, Marie-Rose took to grips with the direction of the family business at the disappearance of her parents. She operates with agility and punctilious manner the residence of his late father, President Joseph Kasavubu.

In the same vein, since the 25th anniversary of the death of her father, she has brought the organisation of annual Masses of thanksgiving in memory of herparents, long and unjustly ignored. One important thing to note is that these masses are all organised by her own financial resources for the 13 years they occur.
One of the fruits to make the assets of the masses is that they have attracted the attention of the current Head of State, President Joseph Kabila, who subsequently decided to build a mausoleum (helically). The mausoleum is the pride of our people who finally see justice done to this dear son, honoured by the youngest of his successors at the head of the Congolese State.
In the wake of this dynamics, two monuments will be erected in memory of President Joseph Kasavubu, one in Kinshasa and the second in Boma, place of death of the former Head of State.
Marie-Rose perpetuated the memory of her illustrious parents, through the thousands of magazines and print campaigns to their effigies, as to keep them alive in the collective memory, to the chagrin of the political actors in bad faith who have not believed the perseverance and courage of Marie-Rose.
The impetusof Marie-Rose, the engine of her action, her fighting spirit and success that accompanied each of her actions, she owes them to his “totem”: The values ​​she secured from her illustrious father. This is why, like her father, ‘she says what she does and she does what she says’. Whatever she organises, she accomplished themwith thoroughness and perfectionism. Ever, of Man memory, you will remember a project undertaken by Marie-Rose and has been unsuccessful. She is a winner, that’s it!

The Marie-Rose’s Address Book

At everylevels,Marie-Rose accounts relationships nationally and internationally.

Before the independence of Congo
We can cite the following personalities:

  • His Excellency Abbé Fulbert YOULOU, President of the Republic of Congo Brazzaville
  • Mr Tchitchele, Minister of the Government of Congo Brazzaville
  • Honorable Yambault , Member of Parliament of Congo Brazzaville.
  • Professor Antoine Joseph A. Van Bilsen, Political Advisor to the President Kasavubu. (Professor Van Bilsen is the author of many books including: ” TO THE INDEPENDENCE OF THE CONGO AND RWANDA URUDI published in 1958, and the project” THIRTY YEARS PLAN FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF AN INDEPENDENT STATE OF BELGIAN CONGO- ” and he was the guardian of Marie-Rose Kasavubu during her brief stay in Belgium).
  • Father Ekwa, spiritual father of Marie-Rose during her studies at the Institute Berlaymont in Brussels.

During the First Republic 1960-1965
At this time , Marie-Rose builtclosest and friendly relations with many personalities including:

  • Mr Justin Marie Bomboko, Minister of Foreign Affairs and his wife, Suzanne , 1960-1963.
  • Mr Hubert Sangara, HighTraditional Chief of Muavu in the Province of Kivu and, President of “Air-Congo” and “SABENA”, 1961.
  • Mr Joseph ILIEO Songo Amba, Prime Minister and his wife, Ms. Elissa Mbongo 1961.
  • Mr Cyril Adoula, Prime Minister and his wife, Mrs. Astrid, 1961-1964.
  • Colonel Joseph Désiré Mobutu, Chief of General Staff and Commander of the Congolese National Army (ANC) and his wife, Marie -Antoinette Gbiatene 1962.
  • Mr Marcel Lengema, Secretary General of Foreign Affairs in 1963.
  • His Excellency Massamba Deba, President of the Republic of Congo Brazzaville, 1963.
  • Mr Moise Tchombe, Prime Minister from 1964 to 1965.

Mr Foster Manzikala, Governor of Kibali Ituri, 1964-1967.
Mr Godefroid Munongo, Minister in charge of the interior, 1964-1965.
Mr Cleophas Kamitatu, Minister for Foreign Affairs, 1965.
Mr Alphonse Zamundu, Minister for Agriculture, 1965 -1966.

  • Mr Diallo Telli, Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity (OAU).
  • His Excellency Kuame Nkrumah, President of the Republic of Ghana, 1965.

During the Second Republic 1965-1996 (Republic of Zaire)

  • Mr Litho Moboti Minister for agriculture.
  • Mr Kengo Wa Dondo, Attorney General of the Republic.
  • His Excellency Ngouabi Marien, President of the Republic of Congo Brazzaville. (Marie-Rose had the privilege of welcoming the river port “Beach Ngobila “Kinshasa).
  • His Excellency Omar Bongo, President of the Republic of Gabon official visit to Kinshasa.
  • His Excellency Ahmed Sekou Toure, President of the Republic of Guinea Conakry. (Marie-Rose had the privilege of welcoming the river port “Beach Ngobila “Kinshasa).
  • His Excellency Antonio Agostinho Neto , President of the Republic of Angola ( during his official visit to Kinshasa)
  • His Excellency Kenneth Kaunda, President of the Republic of Zambia ( during his official visit to Kinshasa)
  • His Excellency Amadou Ahidjo , President of the Republic of Cameroon ( during his official visit to Kinshasa)
  • His Excellency Valery Giscard d’Estaing, President of the French Republic and Mrs. ( met at the Town Hall with the Governor N’Djoku Eyo Baba and the Minister for Foreign Affairs Nguz A Karl I Bond) .
  • Mr Leo Tindemans, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Belgium (hosted at the Town Hall with the Governor N’djoku Eyo Baba and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguz A Karl I Bond).
  • Jean Bedel Bokassa Emperor of the Central African Republic. (Marie-Rose was responsible for its hospitality during his official visit to Zaire on the occasion of inaugurating the assembly line at the Chevrolet plant in Kinshasa (Masina). Mrs.Marie-Rose was at that time the Mayor of Masina).

In October 1978, on the funeral of the wife of President Mobutu , the late Marie-Antoinette Mobutu Gbiatene,Marie-Rosein Gbadolite, was the Lady of honour and company for the following famous personalities including:

  • Ladies Senghor of Senegal and Yombi Opango of the Republic of Congo Brazzaville and Princess Paola of the Kingdom of Belgium.
  • His Excellency William Tolbert, President of Liberia; (Marie-Rose met him at the Mansion Building in Liberia, Monrovia 1978).
  • Mr Abee Tolbert, son of the President of Liberia visit to Zaire. (Marie-Rose was responsible for his home), 1978.
  • Marie-Rose headed the two parliamentary delegations she led to the 33rd and 34th Sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, respectively in 1978 and 1979. (She did this in her capacity as the 2nd Secretary of Zairean Parliament).
  • His Excellency Gnassingbe Eyadema, President of the Republic of Togo (during his official visits to Kinshasa, Gemena and Gbadolite 1979).
  • His Excellency Denis Sassou Nguesso, President of the Republic of Congo Brazzaville and his wife, Mrs. Antoinette Sassou Nguesso (during their goodwill visit to Zaire in 1979).
  • His Excellency Fidel Castro, President of Cuba. (Marie-Rose is part of the official delegation participating in Havana 6th Summit of Heads of State to the Conference of Non- Aligned Countries, delegation led by Mr. ILEO Songo Amba, President of the National Assembly. On the sidelines of the summit Marie-Rose has the privilege to meet the Cuban Head of State, who came personally welcome them at the airport in Havana), 1979.
  • His Excellency Arap Moi, President of the Republic of Kenya. (They met at the Presidential Palace in Nairobi, where she stayed in official delegation 1980).
  • The first Minister Indira Gandhi (during the official visit to India, in New Delhi, in 1980).
  • The Prime Minister Chou En Lai, (during her official visit to China, in Beijing, in 1980).
  • His Excellency Deng Xiao Ping, President of the People’s Republic of China. (Marie-Rose is in the presidential suite during the official visit to China in 1980).
  • His Holiness Pope John Paul II (in his first official visits to Kinshasa in 1980).
  • His Excellency Abdou Diouf, President of the Republic of Senegal (She met him at the Palais du Peuple in Kinshasa 1982).
  • Ms. Bobi Ladawa, wife of President Mobutu (She met at the Palais du Peuple in Kinshasa in 1982).
  • His Holiness Pope John Paul II (in his second official visits to Kinshasa in 1985).
  • His Holiness Pope John Paul II (on a private visit, in Vatican City, 1989).
  • Mrs. Edith Bongo, wife of President Omar Bongo of Gabon (The meeting took place in Libreville, palace renovation in 1991).
  • Mrs. Oliver Thambo, wife of the founder of the African National Congress ANC (The two characters meet in Johannesburg in 1992).
  • Mr Paul Mees Chancellor in the Belgian Embassy in Kinshasa (Kinshasa, She meets him in 1992).

Marie-Rose and her mother, Mrs. Hortense Kasavubu, were invited by the Congolese Government at the National “Sovereign Conference ” which took place at the Palais du Peuple in Kinshasa in 1992. Marie-Rose appeared at the conference just to deliver the message her mother, Mrs. Hortense Kasavubu who was invited there for the duration of the conference, the HCR- PT.

During the Third Republic in our Days (Passing through the transition, 1997)

This time, we notice numerous activities and actions undertaken by Marie-Rose, including:
The launch of the website www.kasavubuetsondestin.com in 1999.
The creation on 24th March 1999 of the non-profit association called “WORKS OF PRESIDENT Kasavubu” (OPK), the first vision being to sustain the action of President Kasavubu. The OPK realises its vision, undertakes printing wrappers (wax), calendars, t -shirts, previews and banners with effigy of President Kasavubu.
The meeting in 2002 with His Excellency Joseph Kabila, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Head of State.
In 2003, she became National MP at the time of the Transitional Government. At the same time, she is designated President of the Parliamentary Group for the Family Policy of the Head of State for the province of Bas- Congo.

The founding on 04th June 2005 of his political party “Organization Policy and Allied Kasavubistes” Opeka in short.
In 2006, Marie-Rose was parliamentary candidate in Kinshasa on behalf of the Alliance for the Presidential Majority (AMP), in councils of Bandalungwa , Bumbu , Kalamu , Kasavubu , Makala , Ngiri – ngiri and Selembao .
Under the recommendation of Traditional Chiefs of the Bas-fleuve, Marie-Rose ran for election in 2011.
She has recently been invited to the sitting of the National Consultations requested by the Head of State and held in Kinshasa in 2013.
Marie-Rose had to work with various officials and decision-makers of our country, in almost all institutions. We cite the case of Governors of Kinshasa, respectively, under the direction of Mr N’djoku Eyo Baba and Mr Dominique Sakombi Inongo.
In parliament, she had no harm to collaborate with the respective presidents, namely Mr Boboliko Lokonga, Mr Ileo Songo Amba and Mr Nzondomio Adokpe Lingo.

The government with the Ministers of Home Affairs and policies:

Mr Bulundwe Kitongo Penge Mali, Mr Engulu Banga Mpongo and Mr Kithima Bin Ramazani.

Spiritual commitment

Practicing Catholic and fervent, Marie-Rose is an assiduously faithful. As a result, shehas enticed the attention and admiration of the religious leaders of all stripes as follow:
She was very tuned by the late Cardinal Archbishop of Kinshasa, Etsaou Bamonguabi as well as the whole Catholic clergy.
Mr Joseph Diangienda Kuntima (Spiritual Head of the Church Kimbanguist and personal friend of President Joseph Kasavubu for spiritual warfare on the edge of independence) , lent her during his lifetime, a listening ear, not to mention Mr Kisolokele Charles, the eldest son of Prophet Kimbangu and State Minister in the First Republic from 1960 to 1965.
This explains why, in October 1980, Mr Joseph Diangienda Kuntima, personally invited Mrs.Marie-Rose Kasavubu at the inauguration of the Holy City ofNkamba.
Marie-Rose has been invited by Mr Simon Kimbangu Kiangani as a Special Guest, amid the celebrations of the Prophet Kimbangu’s birthday.
Philanthropist, and activist for good causes, Marie-Rose is a discreet benefactor for charitable donor centers. “She gives with right hand without the left hand noticing!”

What we retain from President Kasavubu

“The Man of January 4, 1959,” as we like to remember, is the Father of the independence of our country and our first President.
His Excellency, the late Joseph Kasavubu has left a legacy of more copies, if not unique in African politics. Disinterested in the property, the man showed by deeds, the separationhe made between the property of the State and his own.
Honest man in all his ways, his selflessness and dedication to the cause of the country are summarised in this sentence he wrote to one of the leaders of the drafting of the Basic Law of the Democratic Republic of Congo, we quote: ” make a Constitution for the country, not a Constitution for President because I am the” President ” but the Republic will continue to eternity!” This is a full of meaning sentence he addressed to MrIleo Songo Amba ‘, then commissioned to write the Constitution of Luluabourg and who had the intention to introduce in the budget provisions that would make the President of the Republic “favours” outside his official emoluments .

To Conclude

If the President Kasavubu could finish transmitting to offspring that we represent, the deposit resources that overflowed its heart, the Democratic Republic of Congo would not be reduced to this day, to fight “anti-values ​​!”
Congolese may have sawed off the branch on which they were sitting. However, the trunk of the tree “Kasavubu” remains and it has budded!
Marie-Rose Kasavubu is this bud that replicates the branch that was unconsciously cut.
Through Marie-Rose, Kasavuburemains ever alive, and the Congo can count on her.
“The President is dead, long live the President!”

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